Interview with Russell Batiste

Yesterday we sat down with Mr. Russell Batiste to conduct what might be our final interview for the Papa Grows Funkumentary.

The final question we asked Russ was "what does success mean to you, to New Orleans musicians?" 

His answer: “Let me be able to see my family, call my mom and dad everyday, see my friends, hang out, and play my music and make somebody dance, make somebody happy and if i can do that, I’m alright.”


Indiegogo Rewards in the Mail!

Today was a good day for the project. After weeks of compiling mailing addresses and sending follow-up emails, we sent out a massive amount of rewards in the mail. 

We sent out:

25 signed tour posters
62 "I Am Funkier Than You" bumper stickers
30 PGF bumper stickers
a myriad of other gift certificates

We mailed to:

26 different states
3 different continents
5 different countries (USA, Canada, Luxembourg, Austria and Japan)


We still have other rewards to mail out, so don't worry. We got you.  

I want to thank everyone who donated to the campaign. We are making editing progress, but it is quite the task.  

An update on the editing later.