Do U Want It? is making its world premiere!

Hi everyone!

It’s time for another update about the film! We last updated y’all eight months ago, and a lot has happened since then. 

First and foremost, the film is done. In our last update, we said we had the goal to finish the film by September. What actually happened was we achieved a picture lock at the end of August with the story and all the elements secured in place. But we have several scenes with incredible, yet complicated animations that required more time for our amazing team of animators to finish. This being a small budget independent film, that took more time than expected. 

But we were in a good enough position to begin submitting the nearly-completed movie to film festivals. After talking with many fellow filmmakers, producers and industry folk, we made a plan for our film festival run. Our first submission was to the Sundance Film Festival and we followed that up with SXSW, Tribeca, San Francisco International, and many more. While we didn't have the opportunity to debut in Park City this January, we are proud to announce that the completed Do U Want It? has been accepted into three film festivals (so far) and will have its world premiere as part of the 2017 Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival in Muskogee, Oklahoma. The festival takes place during the weekend of April 18-23. The premiere will be on Friday April 21 at 12:00 PM at the Roxy Theater. So if you want to see the movie in its first public showing, come on down to Oklahoma with us! :)

After four years of hard work poured into this project, a little validation is feeling great. But this is just the beginning. Now that the film is completed we are so excited to share it with you, the community who has nurtured this project, and the rest of the world.

We view the premiere at Bare Bones as the beginning of a long film festival run. We’re currently in consideration at 20 other film festivals, both domestic and international. And there are many other festivals on our radar that we have yet to apply to. Our plan is to be on the road with the film throughout the rest of 2017 and possibly further into next year because we want to tell the story of Papa Grows Funk - and the story of the fans who danced and sweat with them every Monday night - far and wide! 

So please come out to support the film when there is a screening; whether that's our hometown premiere (we are coming for you New Orleans) or road tripping to catch a screening, the film needs your continued support as we try to reach the widest audience possible. For now, a festival screening will be the best opportunity for you folks to see Do U Want It? as the film won't be available publicly until after we wrap our festival run. We fully intend to distribute the film, although whether that is with the help of a distributor or by ourselves, only time (and the support of good folks like you) will tell. 

If you haven’t yet, it would be great if everyone helped us build our Facebook audience by giving our page a “like" and by commenting and sharing our posts. Facebook will be the best way to keep in touch with the film and stay up to date with major announcements and information on screenings. For instance, if you check out the Facebook page right now, you’ll see a brand new teaser video! And we are actively working on supplying more original content to the page including unseen performances of PGF, interviews with the band, and behind-the-scenes footage of the film. We know you want to see this movie, so please share the love and tell your mothers, tell your sisters, and don’t forget to tell your sister’s boyfriend’s little brothers about the film! 

That’s it for now y’all! Know we continue to work hard on this project every single day, and we cannot wait for all of you to see the movie soon. Do reach out if you have any questions. You can always reach us at:

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Josh and Sam