We got a Jazz Fest grant!

We are super thrilled to announce that The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation has awarded The Papa Grows Funkumentary one of its Community Partnership Grants. 

We worked on the grant application this summer for almost a month, and applied under the "Documentation and Preservation" category. Shout out to our awesome attorney Mike Frisch, who pointed out the grant application to me a few months ago. 

We felt like we fit the category perfectly, as our film both documents and will preserve New Orleans culture. 

In our application we spoke about Papa Grows Funk's legacy and their impact and importance on the musical community of New Orleans. It's good to know the Foundation agreed with us. :)

We requested $5,000, the full amount of the grant, and were awarded $1,500. The committee told us there were many amazing applicants and awardees, and rarely do they allocate the full request. Plus, we've already raised a lot of money, so they probably took that into account. 

Regardless, we are so excited to be an awardee and for the publicity it will hopefully bring the film!

The money will go towards our animator Jimmy Tancill and our sound engineer Eric Heigle as everyone continues editing the film!

- Josh and Sam