Papa Grows Funk's Final Jam

All week ramped up to the Final Jam at Tipitina's this past Saturday night. In the previous four days we conducted five very long and engrossing interviews (Hank Staples, June Yamagishi, Jason Mingledorff, John Gros, Jonathan Weiss). 

Friday we got on WWOZ alongside John and talked about the Funkumentary. Listen to us here.  

You'll be happy to know we went big on Saturday. Putting that fundraising money to good use! We hired Steven Richardson to take a surround sound recording. And we hired Ralph Madison and team to bring out their Red cameras and steadicam rig. We have never spent so much money to capture a live show. But Papa Grows Funk has never played their final show before. 

Fans going wild at the end of the Last Jam. 

Fans going wild at the end of the Last Jam. 

The night was magical. Tips has never felt so much energy. The band played for three hours including two encores. We captured it all! It's going to make for incredible scenes in the Funkumentary.! 

Speaking of which, we have 10 days left to raise $8,000. Help us do it!