Interview - Jeffery "Jellybean" Alexander

A couple of days ago we sat down with Jeffery “Jellybean” Alexander in our house to do our final interview with him before we leave town in July. At this stage, we need one final interview with each band member before their final show at Tips, and Jellybean was our first. We’ve interviewed him a couple of times already, but our most recent conversation with him went deeper than we’ve gone before.

Jellybean took us through his childhood years as an aspiring musician up until the moment he joined Papa Grows Funk. He spoke about how he was uncomfortable living in and playing in the shadow of his predecessor, Russel Batiste, and how this almost led him to quit the band multiple times. Eventually the band was able to gradually shift their sound to perfectly incorporate Jellbybean’s style and groove.

People called Jeffery "Jellybean Head" as a kid.

People called Jeffery "Jellybean Head" as a kid.

Jeffery gave us some interesting details on the recording of Papa Grows Funk’s latest record Needle In The Groove and gave us some insight as to why the band needs a break at this point.

After 13 years, Jellybean has made some life long friends and grown tremendously as a musician and a person. He’s pretty sure that no matter what, Papa Grows Funk will return some day.

- Sam, ABIS Productions